Japanese Home Cooking RAMEN

I always want to eat Japanese ramen so badly when I go to foreign countries for a business trip and sightseeing. Recently there are many ramen restaurants in the foreign cities and I eat there. There are many more local customers than Japanese customers in the restaurants.
The taste is mediocre for the people who came over from Japan. Also these are not the greatest dishes for the ramen fans who visited Japan from foreign countries. I am sure they are not satisfied with the taste of noodles at restaurants outside of Japan.
This book’s recipes are for overseas ramen fans who want to cook tasty noodles dishes at home. With these recipes, you can get close to the taste of the specialty store of Japan as much as possible. You can enjoy delicious ramen at home.
Noodles dishes are easy to make. Please cook according to the recipe once. Then next time, adjust with kaeshi (sauce) for ramen, salt and soup stock to create your own lighter or deeper taste. Please adjust the quantity of the flavoring oil of the ramen for your preference. It becomes fat and greasy soup when there is too much flavoring oil. You are free to pick any favorite ingredients for the topping. The keys to making delicious noodles are “don’t over boil noodles and make sure soup is hot”.
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Soba and Udon, this books consists of 33 recipes in total. Follow the recipes, and taste the real Japanese noodle cuisines.
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